• The "One-Person Play" Strategy Improves Communications and Personal Effectiveness

    Personal effectiveness is often rooted in the ability to communicate. How you express yourself means a lot. In particular, someone who talks and acts in an upbeat, positive manner is more likely to better persuade and motivate others. Developing these skills is not all that tough. Just employ a unique "one-person play" approach to enhancing skills and your abilities may improve measurably. The One-Person Show Exercise Audiobooks and mp3 releases that collect speeches, public discourses, and other audio releases by experts on certain topics are worth checking out.
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  • How A Personal Growth Mentor And Positive Thinking Affirmations Change Your Life

    The most powerful tool that any person has at their disposal is their own willpower. Some people are able to naturally harness this power in a positive way in order to bring about change in their life. Others will struggle with a negative outlook that can ultimately result in self-sabotage. Thankfully, even those individuals who seem hopelessly pessimistic can learn to view the world different and put the power of positive thinking to work for them with the help of a personal growth mentor:
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