You Can Control Your Anxiety: Three Helpful Tips

Posted on: 21 September 2016

Anxiety is a real mental health concern that affects 18 percent of the adult population. While the effects of this condition are sometimes downplayed, anxiety is a serious matter that has a real impact on every aspect of an individual's life. Much of the concern often centers around control. More specifically, a lack of control. While you may never be able to control everything that goes on around you, there are ways to control your anxiety.
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The "One-Person Play" Strategy Improves Communications and Personal Effectiveness

Posted on: 2 June 2015

Personal effectiveness is often rooted in the ability to communicate. How you express yourself means a lot. In particular, someone who talks and acts in an upbeat, positive manner is more likely to better persuade and motivate others. Developing these skills is not all that tough. Just employ a unique "one-person play" approach to enhancing skills and your abilities may improve measurably. The One-Person Show Exercise Audiobooks and mp3 releases that collect speeches, public discourses, and other audio releases by experts on certain topics are worth checking out.
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How A Personal Growth Mentor And Positive Thinking Affirmations Change Your Life

Posted on: 19 March 2015

The most powerful tool that any person has at their disposal is their own willpower. Some people are able to naturally harness this power in a positive way in order to bring about change in their life. Others will struggle with a negative outlook that can ultimately result in self-sabotage. Thankfully, even those individuals who seem hopelessly pessimistic can learn to view the world different and put the power of positive thinking to work for them with the help of a personal growth mentor:
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